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Wellness Services

  • Pain Relief by Correcting Posture with Advanced Biostructural Correction™

    Advanced Biostructural Correction™ is the only manipulative technique that addresses a compromised posture consistently and predictably. An abnormal body-posture is a sign of brewing circulation problems, chronic pain, structural issues, and neurological complications. Discover the remarkable health benefits that follow when your body stays upright naturally and effortlessly! More info at: https://truehealingwellness.com/pain-relief-by-posture-correction
  • Bioenergetic Health Assessment

    A bioenergetic assessment uses state-of-the-art instrument to detect imbalances within the body while revealing areas of correction. This technique is extremely fast, highly accurate, non-invasive and can be used for adults as well as children and pets. Based on the results of the scan, a combination of homeopathic, herbal and other natural remedies is used for gentle detoxification of the entire body from chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens. More info at: https://truehealingwellness.com/bioenergetic-health-assessment/
  • Emotional Freedom Coaching with The Emotion Code

    The Emotion Code is a simple yet powerful technique to release unresolved emotions. We all experience challenging situations we learn to deal with as we grow old. Sometimes, intense or prolonged emotions get trapped in the body as energetic disturbances. These imbalances cause emotional and physiological stress to the body leading to disease. The Emotion Code, as taught by Dr Bradley Nelson, is a non-invasive, gentle and effective technique for relieving unresolved emotions that get trapped in the body causing both physical symptoms and emotional pain. It can be used to help both humans and animals alike. Children especially benefit from having a stable emotional foundation in order to live a constructive and fulfilling life. More info at: https://truehealingwellness.com/emotional-freedom-coaching


9 months ago
I have been going to ABC treatments for almost 3 months. I noticed an improvement in my breathing and energy after the first appointment. As I go to each visit, I'm excited to see the changes that my body will go through that day. One day I could not read the last line of print on my t-shirt, then suddenly I could! This was so exciting because my posture improved dramatically! Through my visits I have noticed improved posture, increased energy, better breathing, and less pains throughout my body. I have had people tell me they can see I carry myself differently.Also, Vab and his wife Melissa are wonderful in making sure you have appointments and the help you need! In the end, I'm positive ABC will only improve my health and lessen the symptoms I have from an autoimmune disorder. I'm grateful that I've found ABC and both of them!
- Justine W

Preventative Healthcare Provider

We believe that the body can heal from any pathology if it’s given the right environment to do so. We strive to unlock this innate healing ability in our clients by first correcting structural, then, if necessary, chemical and emotional imbalances that jumpstart body’s self-healing mechanism. With nutritional coaching at the core, we use Qest 4 to perform comprehensive health assessments and recommend homeopathic, botanical, or nutritional supplements to help clients restore health. Secondly, we are a certified provider of Advanced Biostructural Correction™ for structural integrity. Finally, we use Emotion Code for relief from repressed, detrimental emotional patterns and Mindfulness Meditation Coaching for sustained mental health.

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